Smut.UK is a team of Erotic Authors and those that love them. We believe that sex is fun and should be celebrated, written and talked about!

A little of what we do...

Erotic Author Promotion

We offer various shared and unique advertising options at large events like Sexhibition giving authors a perfect chance to promote themselves to large audiences for a very affordable price.

  • Reading Slams
  • Smutty Events
  • Stunning HD Ad Display
  • Custom Flyers and Posters
  • Unique eye catching Smutverts™

are just some of the ways we promote Erotic Authors.

Smutty Social Events

Smut Events are fun, safe, inclusive days out when our community of Erotica Writers, Sex Bloggers. Talented Performers, Geeks & Those that love them get together to socialize, exchange ideas and inspire one another.


Erotic Anthologies

Smut.UK & House of Erotica have released 8 themed short story Erotic Anthologies. On the varied themes of Seaside, City, Alfresco, Chocolate and Sapphic. Each one lovingly compiled & edited

The infamous Smut Anthologies

Available at all good online retailers

Online Bloghops

We run a variety of online bloghops including our regular Smut For Good charity fund raisers.

Each Week Victoria Blisse asks her fellow authors to give her a Sunday Snog for her “Kiss Themed” hop that takes place every Sunday.

Each year from the 1st – 24th Dec we host “Blissemas” a fun event that puts the Kink in Christmas with Erotica & Prizes!!! Every day of Blissemas a different author and business will post up themed blog posts for your enjoyment!

Want to get involved?

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